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My Reflection


Digital Storytelling has been a great class to be a part of. I have never taken a class quite like it. We were made to think critically, outside the box, cool about a range of topics. This class could be whatever you wanted to make it. You got to chose how much or how little effort you wanted to put forth; considering very few people were ever absent you could see that it was a class worth putting forth the effort. The class was lead by a clever professor that was interested and excited about everything the web had to offer. Jim Groom is like a kid in a candy shop when he leads the class in discussion. His enthusiasm for the course made it what it was. I don’t know whether this class would be successful without his enthusiastic leadership.

I enjoyed the beginning of the semester when the class was first fresh and new. We started off the semester by buying our own domain. I decided to buy a dot info because they were on sale for $0.89. It was cool being able to rent my own little slice of internet. Our first few assignments were to read various articles about topics such as Web 2.0 and post a reflection on our website. It was the first time I had posted up something on the internet for everyone to see. My writing was better because I took the time to write insightful paragraphs knowing that people could possibly read it.

For our digital story assignment I chose to write a fashion blog. I wanted to do hauling videos but unfortunately I don’t shop often enough to have adequate material. I searched Google for fashion communities and found what I thought was a great fashion blogging site. I started up my own blog and named it From CatWalk to CampusWalk. My target audience were college girls who were into fashion or needed fashion tips. I tried to inform girls on cheap places to shop for nice quality clothing. I would pick a certain fashion item and post different looks from different stores. I would try to post the prices and where to find the items. I wanted to incorporate videos and do it yourself articles but I never got around to it.

Along with working on our digital story all semester, we also had hands on assignments for homework. We had to work with both audio and video elements of the web. We used this cool program called Jing where we could record everything we did on our computer screen. We had an interesting assignment where we used Google streeview and Jing to record a story about a place we have lived or visited. We were able to share our stories with our classmates and some of them were really fun to watch. It amazes me that I can pretty much visit any place in the world with Google streetmaps.

I really enjoyed the fact that the topics we learned about are all so current. Topics that we talked about in class would show up on the cover of the New York Times a day later. Most other classes are about studying things that have already happened, but that’s not this case in this class. This class was interesting because we were able to think critically about the internet and realize all the possibilities it offers. The internet is happening right now-we are in the middle of it. There is no better time to study something than when it is actually happening. I actually learned knowledge in this class that will help me later with my career. I now know how to set up my own website, make my own blog, cut up sound bites and piece them together, use the web to my advantage.

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Urban Outfitters has a new selection of espadrilles online now! Take a look these shoes are not only cute but they are extremely comfortable!

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Tote Bags


Dig the boring book bag and go for a fashionable tote. Here are some looks to try out.

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Rain boots!


Every college girl needs a pair of rain boots. Walking down campus walk in the rain is no fun, unless you have an awesome pair of boots to play in. Rain boots can be plain and boring, but the true fashionista  likes to spice things up. Try some of these awesome rain boots.

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See my Wordle here.

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Belts can add a lot to an outfit and in some cases it can make your whole outfit. They are a perfect accessory to any outfit. I’ve scouted out some of the top belt trends for this season.

Braided belts are everywhere this spring and the perfect touch to any outfit. Try this one for only $18

This infinity knot belt is so chic! Only $24

This belt is really cool and beaded. Beads always look good in warm weather. Only $28

This belt is a new look. It is a wrap belt perfect for fashion forward girls. Only $24

All of these belts are available at www.urbanoutfitters.com

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Stone Jewelry!


A really big trend this spring/summer is stone jewelry. Nice stones can get really expensive but Urban Outfitters has that taken care of! They have a whole collection of stone jewelry for every budget and it is super cute!! Here are some highlights from the collection and you can find them at www.urbanoutfitters.com

This is a multi-stone ring which is very cool and very trendy right now. Only $24

These earrings are very cute and only $18

This is a bib necklace with stones only $28

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Google Streetview & Jing


Here is my streetview project…

well I have it done but for some reason it won’t paste into here because it says the file isn’t found even though it is right here on my comp???

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My blog got deleted!


So yeah my blog that I had been working on got deleted somehow? The site admin must have kicked me off for some reason. Of course I hadn’t saved any of my work so I’m starting from scratch. My new blog is on the umwblogs site, it is called Olly’s Blog it is still about fashion. Here is the link….


3 Best Places for College Girls to Shop


The three best places for college girls to shop are Forever 21, Marshalls, and Plato’s Closet. All three places offer a variety of unique looks for a reasonable price. Shopping at the mall sucks, everyone ends up buying the same thing!

1. Forever 21- This store offers cute looks for cheap. A lot of the looks you see in the magazines can be found in Forever 21, just without the name brand. This store is huge! There are tons of different looks for every kind of taste. You can find these stores in any mall around the country.

2. Marshalls- This store receives clothes from name brand stores and sells them for cheap! The clothes are from this season and they arn’t damaged! Marshalls can be found in shopping centers everywhere. If you don’t have any luck finding cute stuff just try another Marshalls location. Each location has different stuff depending on what stores are located nearby.You can find brands such as Ralph Lauren, Coach, and BCBG all for at least half off.

3. Plato’s Closet- At this store you can buy or sell lightly used or new brand name clothing. Plato’s Closet is popping up everywhere! If you don’t have a Plato’s Closet near you, I sure one is coming soon or there is a store like it near you. They only buy clothes that are almost like new, so you know you can find current clothes at half off.

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